ParaPactum, the protection device for eminent people.

In the form of an umbrella, but in fact a true weapon of protection. Approved and embraced by the French Presidential Protection Unit (Groupe de Sécurité de la Présidence de la République - GSPR), the ParaPactum has no equivalent elsewhere in the world. Multidirectional protection, instant opening and fully operational, it has been recognised as a protection device for eminent people.

Made in France
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“The ParaPactum is a weapon of protection specifically dedicated to close protection. It can be used to halt thrown objects, prevent dog attacks, drive back individuals, cover the face and preserve the privacy of the personality under protection …”

Julien, Head of missions
French Presidential Protection Unit (Groupe de Sécurité de la Présidence de la République - GSPR)

Tested to the extreme

Created in 2011 by Jean-Pierre and Charles Yvon in the heart of the Manufacture des Parapluies de Cherbourg, the ParaPactum bears a structure and materials that are both rock solid.
Its manufacturing was inspired by the design of a Véritable Cherbourg umbrella and that of a Formula 1 automobile. In addition to the 48 procedures carried out on a Véritable Cherbourg umbrella – they are however different on a ParaPactum – the ParaPactum has been the subject of long research, thirty or so technological innovations and tests to extreme. Dog attacks, heavy containers thrown at full strength, stabbings, assaults by one or several individuals … this protection shield will resist all these forms of attack.
Custom-made machines and 176 pieces are necessary to make this protection vault. Tested in wind tunnels by the AeroTechnic Institute of Saint-Cyr-L’École, then by the French Presidential Protection Unit (Groupe de Sécurité de la Présidence de la République – GSPR) – amongst others – the ParaPactum has officially been recognised as a protection device for eminent people.

The usages of the ParaPactum

Under its elegant luxury-umbrella lines, the ParaPactum is in fact a protection device with unexpected resources.

Pushes back crowds

The ParaPactum has the ability to distance people from processions and events that can cause movements in crowds.

Keeps potential assaults at a distance

The ParaPactum acts as a shield against stabbings, ice pick attacks… Like a stick, it can also push back individuals and keep them at a distance.

Shields from the throwing of blunt objects

The ParaPactum can resist and protect one against numerous objects thrown at full strength: falling rocks, French boules, acid sprayings … all in all, any object that can easily be reached by an attacker or demonstrator. Situations that are somewhat reminiscent of the statuette thrown at Silvio Berlusconi’s face.

Insures fast and discreet evacuation of people

With its large canopy, the ParaPactum insures a discreet and secure exit to the person under protection. The latter can hold onto the shaft of the ParaPactum. Hence, by supporting the eminent person, the ParaPactum enables fast and secure evacuation.

Protects the image of eminent people

The ParaPactum guarantees image protection. No paparazzi, no curious person will be able to “use” the privacy of eminent people against their will. For instance, when an eminent person loses consciousness… A scenario not to be overlooked.

The ParaPactum, a weapon of protection which has been recognised operational by the ASC.GSPR

Product Sheet

  • 100% made in France
  • Made by the unit on request
  • 190 pieces
  • Carbon shaft
  • Black canopy
  • Dimensions: height 100 cm / 39.4’’, diameter 130 cm / 51.2’’, weight 2.225 kg / 4.9 lb
  • Resistant to headwinds up to 200 km/h (≈ 124.3 mph)
  • Resistant to pressures over 100 kg / 15.7 st
  • The canopy: 8 fabric pieces, special coating on the inside, water-repellent treatment on the outside, anti-tears overcast seams, triple peripheral hem including one edge-reinforcing rolled hem, large topstitched strap, security Velcro
  • Patented and reinforced frame
  • Handle made out of turned Jura hornbeam with Chrome-finish ring
  • After-sales service and maintenance
  • Optional: colour of the canopy
  • Optional: personalized embroidery
  • Possibility of having each ParaPactum numbered


A one-day training course is provided for bodyguards and ParaPactum users. The training course is available worldwide.

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